Born at Le Mans: Toyota GR Super Sport Hypercar | Phil Gilbert Toyota

Born at Le Mans: Toyota GR Super Sport Hypercar | Phil Gilbert Toyota

Born at Le Mans: a customised development version of the GR Super Sport returned the winners' trophy on the starting grid before the 88th Le Mans 24 Hours. 

The Toyota GR Super Sport shares the same mechanicals with the engine and electric motor coming straight from the triple winning TS050 HYBRID, with a 2.4 litre, twin-turbo V6 and the THS-R Hybrid system (capable or around 1,000 horsepower) will be tuned to around 650hp for the LMH category.

Driven by Alex Wurz, the car is based on Le Mans lap record setting TS050 HYBRID; a hypercar with race car pedigree and performance.

The GR Super Sport looks stunning on its first-ever lap around Le Mans, in the safe hands of Alex Wurz, with Murata san as his passenger. 

Soon after, a third passenger was added - a very special trophy which has been in the possession of TOYOTA GAZOO Racing since June 2018. 

Seen as a Targo Top, it goes to show Gazoo Racing are still developing the GR Super Sport Concept Car.

We don't know if the Toyota GR Super Sport will make it to production, or if it will make it to Australia, but we sure hope so; a road car based on the Toyota TS050 Le Mans winning Hybrid Race Car? Yes please. In the meantime, we may have to settle with seeing this as potentially part of the new category - Le mans Hypercar (LMH) in 2021.

Being that the GR Super Sport is slightly wider and heavier that the TS050 HYBRID, it is unlikely we will see the same record breaking lap times.

Images courtesy of Toyota Gazoo Racing Europe's Facebook page.