Toyota Genuine Air Filters Help During Hay Fever Season | Phil Gilbert Toyota

Toyota Genuine Air Filters Help During Hay Fever Season | Phil Gilbert Toyota

Toyota is encouraging motorists to talk to their service advisor about checking the condition of their vehicle's cabin air filter at their next vehicle service.

Toyota Genuine Cabin Air Filters significantly reduce potentially harmful microscopic particles - including pollen, dust, ash and mould spores - from entering a car's interior via the ventilation system, and require periodic replacement for optimum performance.

National Asthma Council partnership manager Adam Trumble said cabin air filters can play an important role in protecting drivers and passengers, adding that car owners need to be aware of their fitment when purchasing a car and maintain them during ownership.

"For people with asthma and allergies triggered by pollen, cabin air filters may make the difference between having or avoiding an allergic reaction," Mr Trumble said.

"There have been recorded cases of people sneezing and then having an accident - so it's clearly best to minimise the chances of that happening."

Mr Trumble said that summer brings more pollen into the atmosphere.

"We're in a time of year when pollen tends to be more prevalent - it's what many call the hay fever season because of pollen being a trigger for allergic reactions.

"There are some pollens that have very long seasons, but at this time of year there is more pollen being produced," he said.

Desmond Lew, Toyota Australia divisional manager, national parts and accessories, agreed that contaminants entering cars is an issue for asthma sufferers, and added that all Toyota owners can benefit from renewing their Toyota Genuine Cabin Air Filters when needed.

"Many of us spend a lot of time in our cars, so ensuring that the cabin air filter is fully functional to keep pollution out of the air we breathe makes total sense," Mr Lew said.

"And using a Toyota Genuine Cabin Air Filter means that it was designed as an integral part of the car's ventilation system, ensuring that air flows into the cabin the way it is supposed to."

Toyota advises that cabin air filters should be changed at intervals as determined within the vehicle's Warranty and Service booklet, subject to how and where the vehicle is driven.

For frequent use in high pollution environments, such as motorway tunnels, Toyota recommends regular checks of cabin air filters at Toyota Service Centres.

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Originally published 9 December 2013