Genuine TOYOTA 86 2.0 (ZN6AC, ZN6BC) 2012 on 86 TRD Sports Oil Filler Cap - Part no. TOMS11218001_15977

  • Base material Aluminium
  • Model Number: MS11218001
  • Subbrand: TRD
  • No of Components Per Product: 1
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This product?s metal elegance and central TRD logo bring sports spirit and quality to the engine room.
It features a hole for a spring lock in anticipation of motorsports applications so that fitting a spring lock is possible.
This item was specially designed due to differences in screw pitch, size, etc. with existing Toyota vehicles.
Let your care and attention extend to the often-unseen engine room with this item.
* This item cannot be installed on Toyota vehicles other than Toyota 86. 
Place holes for spring lock on the four corners of the resin assuming use in motor sports. It is also possible to apply spring lock. (Refer to the picture) 
?By applying spring lock, it can prevent loosening / falling off in a vibrating tuning engine or hard circuit running etc. 
* Springs for spring lock etc. are not included. 
?When applying spring lock, purchase necessary parts such as spring separately, please process the place where spring is hung etc. according to the vehicle.

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SKU: TOMS11218001_15977