Gazoo Racing Discharge Tape (Aluminium Tape with GR Logo) - Part no. TOMS37300002

  • Product dimensions(cm): W:20.00 H:1.00 L:15.00
  • Model Number: MS37300002
  • Subbrand: Gazoo Racing
  • No of Components Per Product: 4
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Colour: Gray Metallic 
Material: Resin (ABS) 
Material: Aluminum 
Size: ?Small? W Approx 50 × H Approx 25 mm
It is an aluminum tape with GR logo. 
By sticking to the body at 4 places, it removes the charge to the body and draws out the original performance of the vehicle.
In general, air is charged to + (plus), and it has a property that it is easily charged to + (plus) by running various parts of the body of the vehicle. Because of this, Coulomb force * works in the direction of peeling air in the charged body when traveling, so the flow of air will be disturbed and it will be impossible to demonstrate sufficient aerodynamics. * Coulomb force ... The repulsive force is applied for the same sign (+ and +, - and -) for two charged particles, and the attractive force is applied at different signs (+ and -).

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SKU: TOMS37300002
Width: 15.00
Height: 1.00
Depth: 20.00

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