TRD Oil Filler Cap - Black Resin - Part no. TOMS11200001

  • Product dimensions(cm): W:13.00 H:4.00 L:7.00
  • Model Number: MS11200001
  • Colour Black
  • Thread size M37 x 3.0
  • Subbrand: TRD
  • No of Components Per Product: 1
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This is a black duracon construction oil filler cap with a stainless steel plate etched with the TRD logo. This cap is a direct replacement for the standard Oil Filler Cap and is engineered to replicate race style hardware. The distinctive TRD branding can be aligned to your preference.

This is a great way to dress up your engine bay and separate your vehicle from your competitors.

It features a hole for a spring lock to prevent the cap from coming loose under harsh driving conditions.

The TRD Oil Filler Cap boasts beauty and heat resistance.

The TRD logo plate is temporarily fixed, To attach, fit the cap to your engine bay, then fix the logo plate on to suit.

Screw type M37 x 3.0

Resin made pursuing not only dressing up engine room, but also functionality.
It is made of resin which does not get much hot even when the engine is hot just after driving, and the knob part is made into a diamond shape to make it easy to detach.
Because it is hard to heat and has excellent removability, it supports rapid pit work with a long-running endurance race etc. which requires addition of engine oil during racing.
¦ Place holes for spring lock on the four corners of the resin assuming use in motor sports. It is also possible to apply spring lock. (Refer to the picture)
By applying spring lock, it can prevent loosening / falling off in a vibrating tuning engine or hard circuit running etc.
It is also used for the engine of Altezza fighting the Super Endurance Race.
* Springs for spring lock etc. are not included.
When applying spring lock, purchase necessary parts such as spring separately, please process the place where spring is hung etc. according to the vehicle.

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SKU: TOMS11200001
Width: 7.00
Height: 4.00
Depth: 13.00